thirty-four on the Web (Again)

About Me

I'm Jeff Posnick. I've been working on the Developer Relations team at Google NYC since 2007, first on the Ads APIs, then YouTube, and currently on the Open Web Platform.

About this Blog

I've been blogging elsewhere since 2003. The other 34 started out using Blosxom on a self-hosted web server. I moved it over to Blogger eventually.

I'm going to keep 34 around for personal topics. This blog, thirty-four, is going to focus on web technologies. Serving it via HTTPS, and having full control over the HTML/JavaScript/CSS, means that I'll be able to take advantage of some of the new features being added to the web platform, like those powered by service workers.

Stay tuned for a post detailing this blog's setup (spoiler alert: it's a Jekyll site hosted on GitHub pages, with the CloudFlare CDN providing HTTPS support.)