CDS Perf Review Clinic Takeaways

CDS '17 Retrospective

Chrome Dev Summit 2017 is behind us. I spent most of the run-up to the event putting together my "Workbox: Flexible PWA Libraries" talk, but beyond that, I was also involved in running on-site Performance Review Clinics that attendees could sign up for.

It's always a privilege to meet with the developers who are building web apps that I use every day, and to lend whatever guidance I could offer. Looking into the performance of a large group of production websites gives insights that you wouldn't get from just examining a site as a one-off. Patterns start to emerge about common areas for improvement.

I wanted to publicly share a few high-level groupings based on those patterns, and identify a handful of links for each area that contain useful guidance. It's by no means exhaustive, but I can say that each of these links contains solutions to a real-world performance issue that we identified during the Performance Review Clinics.


Huge thanks go out to all the authors, many of whom I'm lucky enough to work with.

Overall Migration/End to End Case Study

Loading and Prioritization




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